Travel Mart 2017

STPB, April 19th - 20th, 2017 | Students of Travel Business Management of STP NHI Bandung organized the Travel Mart 2017 on Wednesday, April 19th - 20th, 2017. This annual event that organized by Travel Department of STP Bandung since 1999 was presented with the theme of “True Sight of Indonesia” this year. Held in DOME STP NHI Bandung, Travel Mart 2017 was officially opened by Dr. Anang Sutono, CHE (Director of STP NHI Bandung) and Herman Rukmanadi as the Head of the Association of the West Java - Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA).

The 18th Travel Mart this time creates an actual transaction between buyer and seller. STP NHI Bandung students under the auspices of Enhaii Travel, competing with other travel agents offering tour packages which mostly are destination packages in West Java.


Basic and Professional Attitudes Development (PSDP)

STPB, August 4th, 2017 | 628 new students of STP NHI Bandung academic year 2017/2018 attended the Basic and Professional Attitude Development (PSDP) at Secapa AD and STP NHI Bandung for six days, from 31 July to 5 August 2017.

With the theme of Generation of Excellence, the method applied to the participants of PSDP 2017 is Adult Learning (Brief Act - Debrief) which aims to stimulate the students’ ability of logic, leadership, communication, time management, and creativity, so they can be able to work in tourism industry.

PSDP 2017 is expected to build tourism generation with good character and resilient, also able to compete internationally, in line with PSDP 2017 tagline, 'Global, Unique, Tough, Superb'.

Final Examination for the Period of August 2017

STPB, August 3rd, 2017 | STP NHI Bandung held the Opening of Final Examination for the Period of August 2017 for Postgraduate, Graduate, Diploma IV, and Diploma III students. The opening was held in the Convention Hall on Monday, July 24th, 2017. It was officially opened by Deputy Director I of STP NHI Bandung, Mr. Jacob Ganef Pah. Final Examination for the period of August 2017 will be held until August 1st, 2017,  participated by 392 students. 376 students has passed the Final Examination for the Period of August 2017. There was also 15 students who announced as students with the highest GPA on the Closing Ceremony of Final Examination on August 3rd, 2017


Final Examination for the Period of April 2017

STPB, April 3th – 6th, 2017 | STP NHI Bandung held the Opening of Final Examination for the Period of April 2017 for Postgraduate, Graduate, Diploma IV, and Diploma III students. The opening was held in the Hall on the 6th floor of Ciremai Building STP Bandung on Monday, April 3th, 2017. It was officially opened by the Director of STP NHI Bandung, Dr. Anang Sutono. Final Examination for the period of April 2017 will be held until April 6th, 2017. 

This Final Examination for the Period of April 2017 is participated by 2 students, with one participant of Postgraduate Program and 26 participants of Postgraduate Program, Bachelor Program, Diploma VI, and Diploma III program. The Closing of Final Examination was held on April 6th, 2017, announced the best students with the highest scores.


Graduation of STP NHI Bandung 2017

STPB, March 13th, 2017 | Minister of Tourism inaugurated 499 graduates of STP NHI Bandung at STP NHI Bandung Graduation Ceremony on Monday, March 13th, 2017. The graduates consist of three students of Postgraduate Program, 71 students of Graduate Program, 128 students of Diploma IV Program, and 297 students of Diploma III Program.

The graduation ceremony is part of the 55th Anniversary Events on March 11th, 2017, consists of social activities: Seminar Forum for International Tourism and Environment (FITE), Scientific Oration, Graduation Ceremony, Book Launching of The Journey 2016, 55 Wonderful People for Wonderful Indonesia and 55 Elaborated Indonesia Menu.

The graduation ceremony of STP NHI Bandung in March 2017 was attended by the Minister of Administrative Reform of Bureaucracy Mr. Asman Abnur, SH., M.Si., Vice Governor of West Java Mr. H. Deddy Mizwar, and representatives from the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia (DG of Bina Latas).



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